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Hi friends, hope you are staying warm this winter.  Here’s the latest dispatch about choosing efficient & economical top mount refrigerators from your local appliance store.  As your appliance store in Lawrence, Ottawa and Emporia, KS, we’re here to help you find both energy efficient and economical solutions for your kitchen and home.  We’ve heard it said that top mount refrigerators are still one of the most traditional and economical styles to buy.  Bottom mount refrigerators are another option you might want to consider, especially if bending over is an issue for those of you with back pain.  Many may compare to the more common top mount styles in efficiency, but bottom mount are usually a more expensive choice.  Since the freezer section is located at the bottom, one of the main benefits of a bottom mount refrigerator is that commonly used items like milk in the refrigerator may be kept at eye level, so you spend less time bending over.

Some sources suggest that Side by Side models may be less efficient than the traditional top mount refrigerator.  While Side by Side models offer some great eye level freezer storage along one side, the refrigerator side might be a bit smaller than what you’re used to.  Side by Side models are also only available in larger sizes making the traditional top mount refrigerator a great choice for smaller kitchen spaces.

Here are some of the features you might expect to find in a top mount refrigerator when you shop at Triad Leasing, your local appliance store.

•  18 – 21 cu. ft. of storage capacity

•  Approximately 4 cu. ft. of freezer space

•  Easy to operate temperature controls

•  Dairy department

•  Glass shelves

•  Humidity controlled crispers

•  Full width refrigerator door racks to optimize door storage

•  Freezer door shelf to hold things like ice cream

•  Bright lighting

•  Reversible door so you can customize to open in your space

•  Optional ice maker

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