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Winter is a great time to shop for refrigerators at your local appliance store.  For most of us, spending more time inside means more time in the kitchen. We also tend to cook and bake more this time of year.   This extra time in the kitchen might leave you looking for better ways to organize your grocery purchases and make the most of your refrigerator & freezer storage.  You might be surprised to hear that some of the most popular french door refrigerators you’ll find when shopping at a local appliance store like Triad Leasing can hold up to 18 bags of groceries.   These refrigerators are conveniently built at what the call counter depth so you shouldn’t have to deal with your refrigerator sticking out beyond your countertops.  This gives you more workable space in the kitchen.  Many of our most popular french door refrigerator models also have a built in alarm to alert you when the freezer door’s been left open.

Here are some of the features you can expect to find when you’re shopping refrigerators at your local Triad Leasing store.   Many of our french door models offer:

•  Bright LED lighting so you can quickly spot what you’re looking for

•  Ice maker in the freezer

•  Humidity controlled crisper for fresher fruits & vegetables

•  Gallon door bins to hold milk, orange juice and other items

•  Easy to open handle on the freezer door

And we offer plenty of models including rent to own refrigerators in top mount, bottom mount, side by side and french door styles that meet Department of Energy Standards.  See more information or shop refrigerators now when you visit


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