How to qualify for leasing furniture at Triad Leasing.

It’s easy to qualify for leasing furniture at Triad Leasing.  New customers often ask “How do I qualify to lease furniture, appliances & electronics from Triad Leasing?”.  We have a quick and easy verification process that you can finish in just a few minutes online when you visit  Just click on the “Start Here” button on the top left side of our home page or click on Applications & Forms tab under Lease Purchase.  When you apply online, we’ll ask for easy things like “What’s your current address?”, “Who’s your employer?” and we’ll ask you to list a few personal references.  You can also opt to fill out a paper application in store but there are perks to submitting your information online.   By applying online, you can take your time, gather the information you need and submit it at your convenience.  When you submit your information online, you are also giving us the time we need to print your paperwork and have it ready and waiting for your quick signature.  That means no waiting in line and plenty of time to enjoy shopping when you get to your nearest Triad Leasing store.  You don’t need a credit history to lease.  To qualify for leasing furniture at Triad Leasing, you’ll need a valid ID, verifiable employment, a verifiable address and a few personal reference.

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