Leasing appliances from Triad Leasing and no longer need the item?

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Here’s another benefit of leasing appliances from Triad Leasing.  Life changes, so we all like some flexibility.  So, when customers ask “What do I do if I no longer need the item I’m leasing?”, we’re happy to say “We’ll come by to pick it up”.  That’s it, no hassle & no obligation.  The best part is, if you need it again later, just give us a call.  We’ll set up a new agreement and deliver what you need.  Sometimes you can even pick up where you left off.  That’s why so many people enjoy leasing from Triad Leasing.  They get to try the item out in their own home before they own it.  If it doesn’t work for them, for whatever reason, there’s no penalties.  We simply come and get the product.  Customers also enjoy being able to upgrade any time during their lease agreement.  For instance, you might rent a small refrigerator because it fits the small kitchen in your apartment, but a few months later, you move into a larger home.  You can upgrade that small refrigerator into a full size Side-by-Side or French Door Refrigerator.  We simply adjust your agreement.  We’ll pick up the small refrigerator and deliver the new full size unit, all with a simple phone call if you’d like.  Just one of the many benefits of leasing appliances from Triad Leasing, your lease-purchase store in Lawrence, Ottawa & Emporia, KS.

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