Rent to Own Questions – “Can someone else take over my lease?”

One of the rent to own questions people occasionally ask is “Can someone take over my lease and continue to make payments?”  Unfortunately, a lease agreement is a legal agreement between Triad Leasing and the individual who has signed the agreement.  While we can’t transfer an agreement, we can certainly write a new lease agreement for your friend or family member.  This gives them the opportunity to pick out a new item, or even upgrade to one of the newest styles to hit our showroom floor.  There are no penalties for returning an item during the term of your lease agreement, so you can simply give us a call.  We’ll come by, pick up the item and you’ll be free from making any more payments on that item.  We truly enjoy having personal conversations with you, so if you have a special situation, stop by the store and chat with the store manager.  We may be able to offer options and solutions you never thought possible.  Stop by and let us answer your rent to own questions when you visit your local Triad Leasing store in Lawrence, Ottawa & Emporia, KS

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