Rent to Own Questions – “Is there a charge for service?”

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This post answers a rent to own questions we often hear.  You’ll hear our customers talk about the “service” they get at Triad Leasing.  Yeah, they get greeted by first name, great customer service, friendly smiles and all of that great stuff, but they also get “service and maintenance” through the entire term of their lease agreement.  What does that mean for you?  If a product you are leasing stops working or needs maintenance, our friendly service tech will come out and fix it, service it or replace it.  Lease Purchase agreements receive service that’s not available to our retail customers, at no additional cost.  We work hard to ensure that you are leasing a reliable, working product throughout the entire term of your lease agreement.  Our customers rest at ease knowing the product they are leasing is covered by our service guarantee.  For more information about this or other rent to own questions you may have, visit your local Triad Leasing store today.

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