Understanding the benefits of OLED TVs

oled television Check out a new LG OLED TV at Triad Leasing.

OLED stands for “Organic Light-Emitting Diode”.  OLED TVs are considered organic because they contain organic materials that glow when charged with electricity.  It’s pretty cool technology!  These energy efficient televisions contain light-emitting materials that contain carbon, oxygen and nitrogen.  Because of the glow made possible by these materials, there’s no need for additional backlighting.  So you can enjoy all the benefits of a really skinny screen.  These great looking TVs are really lightweight so they’re easier to move and handle.  They also take up less room than you might think.  Enjoy watching your favorite shows in vibrant color and great contrast with an OLED TV.  The OLED TVs create black areas by completely shutting off the area so you get the blackest of blacks.  Their high brightness also produces pristine whites.  See the difference for yourself when you compare the picture on an OLED TV model vs. an LED TV.  You’ll find both types on display now at your local Triad Leasing store.

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