How to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary

bedroom furniture at Triad Leasing Triad Leasing offers a great selection of plush, firm or pillowtop mattresses.

Is your bedroom a sleep sanctuary or could it use some improvement?  Here are a few things you might consider to get your best night’s sleep.  Because a dark room is ideal for good sleep, day or night, filter out as much light as possible, including light emitted from alarms and electronics.  Obviously, sudden or loud noise can disrupt sleep, but slow steady sounds like the whir of a fan or air conditioner can provide a soothing backdrop for sleep.  Some sources suggest the ideal bedroom temperature to fall between 65 – 73 degrees Fahrenheit, so check the temperature of your room and adjust accordingly.  You’re sure to find some of the quietest air conditioners Frigidaire makes when you shop your Triad Leasing store and we’re happy to install for you because installation and delivery are always included.  Last but not least, your mattress should meet your needs for both comfort and support.  If you sleep with a partner, your mattress should allow both of you enough space.  We often recommend purchasing the largest size that fits nicely in your bedroom.  As a result, one of our most popular mattress sizes remains a Queen size.  In our showroom, you’ll find a great selection of Queen size mattresses available in Plush, Firm, Pillowtop from name brands like Ashley and Sleeptronics.  Discover the benefits of Memory Foam and more.  By replacing an uncomfortable or worn-out mattress and creating a room that’s quiet and relaxing, you can transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

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