Do you miss flipping the mattress?

Colchester double sided mattress Colchester double sided mattress available at Triad Leasing.

Remember your mother and grandmother flipping the mattresses during spring cleaning? Although there are many single sided mattress options, double sided mattresses are still a popular option. Double sided mattresses provide two sleep surfaces, one on each side. Flipping a double sided mattresses can distribute mattress wear more evenly, extending the life of the mattress. Until 10-15 years ago, most mattresses were two sided. According to Kevin Evenson, president of Sleep Haven Inc. in Haven, KS, the oil criss drove up the price of foam and the response of the mattress industry was to ‘innovate’ and build single sided mattresses that don’t require flipping. So you may be wondering if a double sided mattress is still a good value. YES! Most inexpensive to moderately priced mattresses consist of open coils or pocketed coil springs topped with polyurethane foam comfort layers. Polyurethane provides great comfort at a low cost. Triad Leasing offers a great selection of mattresses including double sided mattresses by Sleep Haven. One of our favorite double sided mattresses is the Colchester model. The Colchester two sided mattress is available in your choice of Firm, Plush or Eurotop. While you’re mother may have advised you to flip your mattress up to four times per year, she may have also warned you not to sit on the edge of your bed. In the past, sitting on the edge of the bed could cause the edges to slope. The sloping was caused by the breakdown of a “foam rail” along the edge of the mattress, also known as foam encasement. The Colchester mattress offers Integral Edge Support which is better than foam encasement. Edge-to-edge pocket coils will not slope or break down. When you sit on the side of the Colchester mattress, you can feel the support where you need it most. The outer two rows of coils around the perimeter of the mattress utilize a heavier gauge of spring providing secure Integral Edge Support. If you like extending the life of your mattress by taking advantage of two sleep surfaces, stop by and find out more about Triad Leasing’s selection of double sided mattresses including the Colchester by Sleep Haven.

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