Getting The Right Refrigerator Style For Your Kitchen

This post is about getting the right refrigerator style for your kitchen. When it comes to leasing a refrigerator, most people come in and already know what they want. We’re here to help them determine if the refrigerator they want will work in their kitchen.
To help determine if what they want will work, we often ask “What kind of space do you have and how big is the opening?” Many people come in and want a side by side refrigerator but the space they have to put it in is not large enough. So we first find out what size opening they have and then determine the types of refrigerators that will go into that space.
Most customers want an ice maker with their refrigerator purchase. A common misconception is that the refrigerator makes the ice internally. Often people don’t realize an ice maker must have a water line coming into the refrigerator for it to work. So while many customers want an ice maker, their home may not be set up for an ice maker to be easily installed.
If the customer is trying to cut cost, wired shelves or racks are often less expensive than glass shelves or racks. Wire shelves are cheaper and easier to clean than glass shelves but also more prone to things tipping over and spilling. Also, over time the coating on the wire shelves can come off and lead to rusting so many customers prefer glass refrigerator shelves.
Refrigerators come in four basic colors that are always important when matching other appliances in the kitchen. The four common refrigerator colors are white, black, stainless steel and black stainless steel.
When shopping for a refrigerator, you probably know what kind of refrigerator you want. Before shopping elsewhere, come in to Triad Leasing, let us help you make sure your new refrigerator properly fits your space. We’ll give you the options you need to get the right refrigerator for your home and family.

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