Here’s Our Top 3 Refrigerator Buying Tips

Review these top 3 refrigerator buying tips before you shop. When it comes to shopping for a refrigerator, most people come in and already know what they want. We’re here to help determine if what they want will work.
Tip #1: Measure Your Space
The first question we ask is “What kind of space do you have and how big is the opening of your refrigerator alcove?” Many people come in and want a side-by-side refrigerator but the space they have to put it in is not large enough. So we first find out what size opening they have and then determine the types of refrigerators which will fit into that space.
Tip #2: Check To See If Your Kitchen Has A Refrigerator Water Supply Line – Necessary For An Ice Maker
Most customers want an ice maker with their refrigerator purchase. While obvious to some, many customers believe the refrigerator makes the ice internally. Many don’t realize that you must have a cold water supply line coming into the refrigerator for the ice maker to work. So while many customers want an ice maker, their home may not be set up for easy installation.
Tip #3: Consider Your Shelving Preference
Another thing to consider when shopping for a refrigerator is deciding between wire or glass racks. If the customer is trying to cut costs, wired shelves or racks are less expensive than glass shelves or racks. Wire shelves are cheaper and easier to clean than glass shelves but also more prone to things tipping over and spilling. Over time, the coating on the wire shelves can come off and lead to rusting. Many of our customers here at Triad Leasing prefer stronger rust-free glass shelves.

“It’s important that you’re happy with your purchase.”
If you’re shopping for a refrigerator, you probably already know what type you want. At Triad Leasing, we’re here to provide the best size and the options you need to make the right choice. Come see us.

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