Why lease to own? Read this post to better understand lease-purchase.

Lease to Own

What is lease-purchase or lease-to-own?

At Triad Leasing, Lease to Own or Lease-Purchase means that you get to lease the furniture, appliances, computer or home electronics you want right now and you simply make a set number of equal payments until you “Purchase” or “Own” it.   There’s no credit hassle or waiting period and buying is always optional.  You can rent to own or lease to own great looking furniture for your living room, dining room and bedroom.   You can lease it for as long as you need it.  If for some reason you no longer need the product or don’t love your first choice, just give us a call.  There’s no long term obligations while leasing to own furniture or other great rent to own products from Triad Leasing, just great options that let you get great stuff now.  Because there’s no long term obligation, lease-purchase makes it easy to try products out before you buy them.   This means you can test out a new television in your own living room to be sure you’ve made the best choice for your home and family.  If you don’t love your first choice, you’ll always find a wide selection of screen sizes available in Plasma, LED/LCD or Smart at your Triad Leasing store.  Ask your local store how to upgrade and find out which (Plasma, LED/LCD or Smart) is right for you when you grab your free guide to TV buying.  Get your free copy here: http://get.renttoowncenter.com/tv_buying/   If you love the product, we always encourage our customers to take advantage of our early purchase discounts by paying it off sooner.  Watch this short video to find out what you can expect when you lease to own or rent to own great products from your local Triad Leasing store.  Then visit your local store in Lawrence, Ottawa or Emporia, KS.

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