Apply Online to save time. Read this post to avoid waiting in line.

Lease to Own

One of the easiest ways to save time in store and avoid waiting in line is to Apply Online before shopping at your local Triad Leasing store.  Your time is important to us.  Unlike other rent to own centers who might require a lot of paperwork, you’ll find the verification process at Triad Leasing to be fast and easy.  When a new customer comes in to rent to own computers, rent to own furniture or other great products, we verify a few things as part of the account setup.  When you submit this information online, you’re giving us the time we need to prepare and print your paperwork.  When you arrive at the store, we’ll have an easy to understand rental agreement ready and waiting for your quick signature.  That means no waiting in line and plenty of time to enjoy shopping when you get to your nearest Triad Leasing store.   There’s never a waiting period or credit hassle at Triad Leasing when you want to rent to own or lease to own great products.   You just need a valid ID, verifiable employment, a verifiable address and a few personal references.  We’ve tried our best to make applying online fast and easy for you.  It’s so fast and easy, we call it our Quickstart Process.  Check out the Quickstart here and see how quickly you can complete yours.  You can also get to the Quickstart page from the Applications & Forms tab under Lease Purchase on our website.   As you apply online, we’ll ask you to answer a few easy questions like “What’s your current address?”, “Who’s your employer?” and we’ll ask you to list a few personal references.   Many customers enjoy the time saving convenience of submitting this information online.  It’s not only fast, but lets you can take your time, gather the information you need, and submit it at your convenience.

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