Lease Purchase Agreement – get a reliable working product.

Many customers choose the Lease-Purchase option at Triad Leasing because they take comfort in knowing they will have a reliable working product throughout the entire term of their lease agreement.  This can be especially reassuring when investing in a new home appliance like a refrigerator or a new washer and dryer.  Get the comfort of knowing we only carry name brand products, from leading furniture, appliance & electronics brands.   So you know you’re getting good quality products when you shop at Triad Leasing.   While breaks and malfunctions on these quality products are rare, they occasionally happen.  You can rest at ease knowing if your product breaks or quits working during the term of your lease agreement, our friendly service staff will fix, service, repair the product or replace it at no additional cost to you.  So come on in and shop our wide selection of eco-friendly energy efficient rent to own appliances.  Browse through our quality rent to own furniture for your living room, dining room and bedroom.   Try out the latest technology in rent to own electronics like televisions, computers and smartphones.  Lease purchase lets you try these products out in your own home with no long term obligation.  Because we make it a priority to see that you have a reliable working product throughout the entire term of your rental agreement, service is included with every lease purchase agreement.  Our friendly service is fast and professional too!  Lease to own the great stuff you want today and enjoy services that aren’t available to retail customers.

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