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Welcome to Triad Leasing Info & News.  Whether you’re just researching the newest thing on your wish list, or you’re looking for convenient payment options, this is your place.  This blog is a source of news and information.  Our hope is that this blog will answer your questions and help you find solutions and options that work for you.  We’ve learned a lot in the last 30 years while serving our customers in  and around the cities of Lawrence, Ottawa, and Emporia, KS with three rent to own stores.  We’d like to empower you with tricks of the trade and tips for smart shopping and smart leasing.  We welcome your comments and hope you’ll share your experiences with us.  We encourage you to provide feedback on the recent products you’ve bought from us as well as rate the service you’ve received.  When commenting, please identify yourself by your name and the city where you live.  We like to know who we’re hearing form and we’re hoping to have the opportunity to answer your questions or serve you again soon.

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