Rent to Own & enjoy these club benefits.

Rent to own at Triad Leasing

Rent to own at your local Triad Leasing store and you can be enjoying these club benefits.  New customers often ask  “What does the club do for me?”  If you’re already a customer, you’ve probably already joined our club and gotten great stuff.  For those of you whom we sincerely hope will become our customer in the near future, it’s important to know what the Product Protection Club Program can do for you.  When you rent, lease or buy furniture, appliances and electronics from Triad Leasing, you have the option of joining the Product Protection Club Program.  As a member of our Club, you’re protected by a Product Replacement & Theft Benefit, allowing members to have an item replaced or repaired should you suffer a covered loss of rental merchandise.  As a member of the club, you can also receive one year of warranty protection after the rental term has been completed and you own the merchandise.  With over 18 benefits included in the Product Protection Club Program, you’ll enjoy travel discounts, AT&T Wireless discounts, a prescription drug discount card and much more.   It’s a no brainer, if you shop at Triad Leasing, you’ll enjoy the added protection of the Club.  Ask about the Club when you shop for any of our good looking furniture including rent to own furniture for your living room, bedroom or dining room.  You can sign up for club benefits when you rent to own computers, rent to own televisions, rent to own refrigerators and more.  Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions and we’re here to help you take advantage of the club benefits that will benefit you most.

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