Styles – Home Furniture

Familiarize yourself with the many styles of home furniture.

What are the different styles of furniture? You may see furniture categorized by style such as farmhouse style, contemporary style or traditional style. What do these styles mean?

Ashley Farmhouse Sectional Couch


What Is Farmhouse Style Furniture?

If you’re drawn to farmhouse style, you may appreciate items that are homemade. You may feel most comfortable in atmospheres that feel authentic. You may want to look for items that have an aged or vintage look.

Many of our farmhouse style furnishings have a rustic feel. The finishes are distressed or weathered, and often have a vintage look.

Some are designed to look like they are made of salvaged materials like reclaimed wood. These pieces are classic yet comfortable.

Get a new dining table farmhouse style. These beautiful tables have rustic hues, often with the grain visible in the wood table top finish.

Triad Leasing carries a great selection of farmhouse style coffee tables. These tables offer a relaxed sense of style. The table top finishes are richly rustic and textural. Shop our wide selection of rustic style coffee tables.

Let farmhouse style bar stools or farmhouse style dining chairs complement your kitchen decor.

Come in, browse our full selection of farmhouse style tables and chairs.

Looking for a rustic bedroom set king size? Come in. Find rustic bedroom sets in all sizes.

Many rustic headboards feature wide planks and simple lines. Get a queen rustic bedroom set delivered today.

Find the perfect panel bed or platform bed finished in antique wispy white over replicated oak wood grain.

Contemporary Furniture For Living Room

If you prefer clean lines, textured fabrics, and a simplified minimal space, you may want to shop for modern or contemporary pieces.

Contemporary style is calming, with architectural elements and decorative details. We carry many contemporary furniture living room sets and contemporary style coffee table sets.

If you have an open concept space, you may want to look at sectionals. Consider a great-looking chaise and recliner sectional.

Shop modern contemporary sectional sofas at Triad Leasing. Get a modern recliner sectional sofa delivered today.

To keep your space minimal and modern, look for clean-lined furniture with storage.

Traditional Style

For those of you who love traditional style, craftsmanship may play an important part when choosing furniture. You may be drawn to warm wood tones and classic styles which seem timeless.

When it comes to seating, traditional furniture comes in numerous forms including sofas, loveseats, recliners, sectionals, and more. Traditional furniture has a formal look.

Design elements include dark woods and luxurious fabrics. Expect intricate details and ornamentation like nail head trim.

We carry a nice selection of traditional bedroom sets. Find deep dark wood finishes and bronze hardware on beds with storage headboards.