Furniture For Small Living Room Spaces.

Triad Leasing carries furniture for small living room spaces. Here are some tips to use when shopping for furniture for small areas.

Looking to decorate a small living room? Learn how to strategically choose the right furniture pieces with our helpful guide!

Furnishing a small living room can be tricky. With limited space, it’s important to choose the right furniture pieces that will create a sense of balance and attract attention away from the room’s small size.

Discover how to make the most of your compact living area. Here are some design ideas on how to choose furniture for small living room spaces.

Compact sofa chaise lounge for small living room.

Strategy: Consider Scaling Down Furniture Size

Scale down the furniture size in your small living room and opt for a smaller sofa or loveseat. While relatively large furniture may look great in a showroom, it may make a small space feel cramped.

Consider choosing furniture pieces that have clean lines. Smaller coffee tables such as those made of glass can create a sense of openness.

Choose Multifunctional Pieces That Can Serve Multiple Purposes

When you’re decorating a small living room, look for items of furniture that can do double duty. Ottomans with a lid or built-in storage, for example, provide extra seating and convenient storage options.

Sofa lounge with hidden storage compartment under chaise

Look for sofas and loveseats that have hidden storage compartments. Invest in a lift-top coffee table or other multifunction furniture pieces to make the most of your limited space.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix and Match Colors, Textures, and Styles For Your Small Living Room Space

When designing a small living space, don’t be afraid to mix and match different elements in order to create visual interest.

Choose furniture pieces with varying textures and colors to add depth and contrast. Keeping a unified color palette will help tie all the elements of your living room together, giving it a cohesive look.

Make Use of Corner Spaces With A Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas can help you make the most of your living room’s corner spaces. Small sectionals are perfect for small living rooms as they take up less floor space than other types of living room sets.

Modular sectionals can be configured to fit smaller corner spaces. We often have 2 piece sectional couches in stock.

Skip Unnecessary Furniture

Think about how you plan to use the space. How many people do you expect to entertain in the space at one time?

Choose furniture pieces that will seat the number of people within your household. Look for space-saving, versatile seating options for guests.

Small accent chairs or a padded ottoman can provide seating for occasional guests. Upholstered ottoman coffee tables can double as a coffee table and extra seating.

Mirrors In Small Spaces

Use mirrors to bounce light and visually expand the space.

Use light colors

Make your space seem bigger when you pair light-colored furniture with light-colored walls. Triad Leasing offers a nice selection of light-colored furniture sets.

Don’t shy away from white furniture for living room spaces. You can create the illusion of spacious living rooms with white furniture. White furniture in living room spaces may seem hard to keep clean. New stain-resistant fabric for couches makes it more practical to maintain light-colored or white furniture.

We can help you choose the right upholstery fabric for your family’s needs. When you find a set you like, ask for the cleaning code. The furniture manufacturer provides a cleaning code outlining the best way to keep your new furniture fresh and clean.

We also have a great selection of beige furniture sets. When choosing wall colors for beige furniture, consider staying with a similar value or go a shade lighter than your furniture if you want to make a small space seem larger.

Accent With Bright Colors, Area Rugs Or Throw Pillows

While light-colored furnishings and walls may make a small space seem bigger, monochromatic spaces may seem boring to some.

Break up the space with touches of bright color. Use colorful throw pillows or bold area rugs. Imagine your room with area rugs in beautiful colors and patterns.

Triad Leasing offers a great selection of area rugs including rugs by Dalyn. We welcome you to come in and browse our selection of cut pile rugs, loop pile rugs and shag rugs.

Not sure where to place your new area rugs? We can provide tips for the best area rug living room placement.

Maximize Storage

Maximize your space with storage options. Looking for furniture with secret storage? We can help.

Many of our console loveseats have center storage compartments to hold remotes and other small items. Ask for a loveseat with built-in storage.

Some of our reclining sofas have built-in tables hidden behind the middle seat. A sofa storage table with drawers can hide books, magazines, and miscellaneous items.

Consider a lift-top coffee table. Lift-top coffee table use a hinge mechanism to raise part of the tabletop away from the base, exposing a hidden storage compartment underneath.

We have wooden coffee tables with storage and trunk coffee tables with storage. Trunk coffee tables are a great place to stash throw blankets or kids toys.

Shop rectangular coffee tables with storage and oval coffee tables with storage. We carry glass coffee tables with storage and padded coffee tables with storage. Shop Coffee Tables & TV Stands

We even have coffee tables on wheels with storage. Caster coffee tables have wheels you’ll love. Caster wheels allow you to move heavy-duty coffee tables with ease.

If you’re decorating with a light color scheme to make your space seem bigger, consider one of the many white gloss coffee tables with storage. Triad Leasing carries a great selection of furniture for small spaces with storage. Come see them all.

Consider Walkways

Round and oval coffee tables are great because they’re easy to walk around. Consider a round white coffee table or one of the many round coffee table sets you’ll find on our showroom floor.

For those who prefer an ottoman over a traditional coffee table, let us help you find the perfect round coffee table ottoman.

Another space-saving option is round coffee table nesting sets. Nested end tables are designed to nest or slide underneath the coffee table.

An oval coffee table with glass top is a smart option for small living rooms. Glass topped tables give the illusion of space as you can see through the tabletop.

Measure Your Small Space

Measure your space before you shop furniture for small areas. Get the furniture measurements from your store. We are happy to measure items for you.

Measure not only the square footage and dimensions of your room, but measure your doorways as well. Some homes have narrow doorways, hallways, or stairwells. You may have difficulty getting large pieces through the door.

We carry a nice variety of furniture for small living areas and furniture for small apartment living. Let us help you find the right furniture to fit your space.

How to put furniture in a small living room.

Try arranging some furniture pieces, such as your sofa, on a diagonal to make your room seem wider.

Paint your walls and ceiling a light color to visually appear larger.

Layering your lighting with lamps can make a huge difference in the feel of a space.

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